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Residential Apartment Building

Commercial Plumbing

Prime Plumbing is an award-winning, specialized hydraulic asset & infrastructure maintenance plumbing firm.

Fixing the Sink

Our Team of Commercial Plumber are Here to Help

Our experienced in-house commercial plumber team adopt a collaborative approach with the aim of delivering projects on time and on budget for our clients.

Our projects team can come at a problem from a more practical angle than a consultant and therefore can find low-cost workable solutions.

Our team of commercial plumber provides the following solution and more:

Design & Construct Projects
Fit-out Projects
Water Main Upgrades
Civil and Drainage Works
Commercial Roofing
Fire Services
Natural Gas
Project Management

Some of our preventive maintenance services include:

Backflow Prevention Device Testing
Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing
Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash Equipment Testing
Roof, Gutter & Downpipe inspection & cleaning.
Stormwater Pit, Grate and Drain Cleaning
Sewerage & Stormwater Pumps & Ejectors
Trade Waste Management
Neutraliser Pits & Settling Tanks Servicing & Cleaning
Hot Water Unit Servicing
Gas Appliance Servicing
Carbon Monoxide Spillage Testing
Water Filter Service & Replacement
Preventive Maintenance Drain Cleaning

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Irrigation

24/7 Service

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Plumbing

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