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Home Filtration Services in Melbourne

Enjoy the best tasting and healthiest water from every tap. Imagine being able to turn on any tap in your home for instant access to water that is pure, fresh and that tastes fantastic. With a water filtration system from Prime Plumbing, this dream can become your reality!


Prime Plumbing offers complete home filtration to every tap

Have you ever wondered why bottled water tastes so much better than tap water?

It’s because bottled water has been purified to remove undesirable trace elements and chemicals such as chlorine. But with a Prime Plumbing water filtration system, you can now enjoy the same fresh-tasting water from every tap in your home.

With a multi-stage filtration process and plumbed directly into your water mains, this full home filtration system will ensure you’ll never need to buy bottled water again. 

Why you need Home Filtration Services in Melbourne

If you’re looking to embrace a more natural and healthier lifestyle, then water filtration is the ideal place to start, removing chlorine, bacteria and sediment from your water.

How it works

A full home water filtration system is plumbed directly into the mains water line, ensuring that all of your homes’ water passes through the filter for total purification.

Benefits of Water Filtration 

A full home water filtration system doesn’t just taste better, it can also be beneficial for cleansing your hair and skin, while also reducing limescale and calcium build-ups.

Filter your whole house for a lot less that you would expect!

While the cost of installing a water filtration system will vary depending on a range of factors (including model chosen and specific site requirements), many people are surprised to discover just how affordable home filtration services in melbourne can be. For more information on pricing, contact Prime Plumbing for a free quote.

What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

Joey was brilliant, arrived within 30 mins and did a great job fixing a burst pipe in our kitchen on a Saturday evening after hours, very happy with the pricing too. Hoping we don’t need emergency services again, but would definitely use them again!

Natalie - Brighton VIC

Mitchell from prime arrived at my door quickly and right on time. Mitchell diagnosed a gas leak coming from the fittings to my freestanding cooktop and sorted the issue fast. He had my gas back up and running again in no time.

Luminous Bar & Grill - South Melb VIC

Prime Plumbing Melbourne was the first to respond to me as I had a blocked toilet. They were quick to send out a plumber within the hour. Joey unblocked our drain with their high tech drain cleaning machine. The service was quick and cost effective. I will definitely be using prime again. 

Sarah - Williams Landing VIC

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