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Hot Water Plumber Melbourne

Whatever the issue, we can get your hot water flowing in no time!


No matter the Hot Water System, we can install, service or repair it fast!

No one wants to be caught out in the cold with a broken hot water system. Luckily Prime Plumbing is always on call for repairs, maintenance and installation. Whatever the issue, we can get your hot water flowing in no time!

Hot Water System Repairs

Dealing with an underperforming or broken hot water system is never fun. Cold showers in the morning, boiling the kettle for dishes, it’s such a hassle.

That’s why Prime Plumbing is here to get your hot water fired up again 24/7! That’s right, when something goes wrong at 8am on a school day or 10pm on the weekend, our hot water plumber in melbourne are always ready.

You can say goodbye to leaks or frozen water, and say hello to a freshly repaired gas or electric hot water system – or perhaps even a brand new one!

With over 25 years’ experience in the hot water industry, we have seen it all. Prime has seen hot water units evolve into environmentally friendly, eco-efficient appliances, and we know all the tips and tricks to get your system working again.

So when you’re in a jam and need an emergency after hours plumber, or just want to book in a weekday visit, Prime Plumbing is the team for you.

Benefits of a Hot Water Service

No matter the type of hot water system you have, we can see to all of its needs. But you may be wondering why you actually need a service – or how often.

You should have a hot water heater serviced regularly to prolong its life. You’ll certainly encounter some plumbing problems during its life, and there are some clear signs you need to call in a qualified hot water plumber in melbourne .

Some of the most common hot water problems include:

Discoloured or rusty water
Running out of hot water quickly
Strange noises from the tank (banging, whistling)
Leaking or pooling water around the tank
No hot water at all
The pilot light regularly goes out (gas hot water systems)

Working with everything from continuous flow, to electric storage tanks, to solar hot water systems and even heat pumps, Prime Plumbing has knowledge of all hot water systems. Our expert hot water plumber in melbourne will always give you a long term solution and maximum benefit.

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